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D  Rigs - Choice Rigs
3x "Dark Matter D Rigs" With D Rig Kickers and J Precision Curve Shank Hooks

3x "Dark Matter D Rigs" With D Rig Kickers and J Precision Curve Shank Hooks

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"If you require anti tangle sleeves fitted to these rigs please use the link below"👇


"Please note, price is for 3 rigs"

If there was ever a combination of components to make the perfect braided "D rig" then this has to be it..


  • Razor sharp J Precision Curve Shanks
  • Perfectly formed D rig Kickers
  • Korda Dark Matter tungsten loaded coated braid

No expense has been spared to bring you a devastating "D rig" featuring the latest products on the market.

The new coated Dark Matter braid from korda lends it self perfectly to the D rig presentation...It's incredibly effective at resetting rigs due to it's outer skin and the tungsten loaded braid keeps everything pinned down and out of sight.

Wafters and balanced baits will push away from the lead perfectly with the aid of an anti tangle sleeve but don't be afraid to use bottom baits with this rig. The tungsten qualities of the braid will ensure your bottom bait is presented regardless of how the rig settles.

The incredibly sharp J Precision Curve Shank hooks along side the new "D rig Kickers" give this rig a devastating finish that even the most cunning of carp will struggle to deal with.