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"Firstly allow me to point out that our rigs as with all of our products are carefully made to the highest possible standard. Only the latest, top quality components are used to ensure you get a safe, reliable and of course extremely effective product. We understand that there are cheap alternatives available but in specialist carp fishing you really do get what you pay for. We all want to be sure that we are maximizing our chances to bank that special fish, so the presentation has to be right and when that magic sound of the alarm screaming off happens, you want to be sure that your end tackle will not let you down. Please note, all rigs are finished with a figure 8 loop for easy attachment to your lead system, should you require swivels etc just drop us a message. Please note, on occasion barbless rigs may be barbed hooks with crushed barbs. Please be sure to let us know if this is a problem for you.

A REAL game changer in leader material joins the Substrate™ family!

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Substrate™ Tungsten Putty has landed!

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Katran "Fantom" Fluorocarbon is the best we've seen!

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Looking for a rig to present a pop up or wafter on other than a Ronnie ? We've got you covered..!

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The only Spliced/Stiff rig on the market!

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The long awaited J Precision solid bag rigs have landed!

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By popular demand.....

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The "3C" Chods are in 🔥

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A new breed of loop rigs...

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The first in the "Thoroughbred range J Precision/Choice rigs range has landed!

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In our opinion, simply the best boillies money can buy..

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Our rigs are are now live on Carp Fishing Simulator!

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Hi Mate well it’s my last day here in France Had this 53lb Mirror this morning, another PB for me and again on the long shank Ronnie. Another great hook hold!

Harry Robinson

Back from my French trip mate . Awesome week. I went with hope of a decent 40lber. Ended up with the following: 4 x 30's 2 x 40's 2 x 50's And topped with 60lber!Your slip D multi doing the business with Mad baits wicked whites and nutz plus.

I spent two hours with weed rake and although I  still got weeded up several times I managed to get them all in. Every fish nailed with the j precision hooks.

Stephen Bigg

New PB of 59lb 12oz taken on the combi rig with the blow back finish mate. Top Rigs.

Rob Goddard

Hi Luke ,Thank you for your recent rigs went fishing day after delivery and smashed my UK-PB 39lb!!! .

Lucas Drzystek

Hi mate just wanted to say thanks for the rigs I bought off you on ebay, landed myself a new PB from the Monument 2 today 35lb 'Edwardo' They was the iq2 combi rigs

Chris Smith