german rigs combi rigs
German rigs combi rigs

3x " Thoroughbred" LSG RIGS (Long Shank German Rigs)

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****3x LSG RIGS**** (Long Shank German Rigs)

⭐NEW ADVANCED SIZE 4 MICRO BARBED OPTION! (25% Stronger with a resin sealed eye)⭐

"If you require anti tangle sleeves fitted to these rigs please use the link below"👇

Please note, price is for 3 rigs, 360 screws may vary very slightly

Due to stock shortage 15 and 25lb versions are currently being tied in 15 and 20lb Korda IQ2.

The "LSG" is the first in the range of rigs that we are very excited about. Featuring all J Precision and Choice Rigs components from top to bottom we are proud to bring you the first rig in the "Thoroughbred" range.

 Essentially a fluorocarbon to braid combi rig finished "German" style this rig has been nothing short of deadly in testing. Perfect for wafters, snowmen and balanced bottom baits and with the inclusion of the super sharp long shank hooks from J Precision coupled with line aligned shrink tube these are something new and incredibly difficult for carp to deal with.

  • High grade J Precision Fluro Carbon Boom
  • Super tough 8 core braided section
  • Legendary JP hand sharpened long shank hooks
  • Multiple bait attachment options
  • Outstanding reset and anti tangle properties


If you’re looking for a rig that has every chance of giving you an edge in the modern-day carp scene then these are a must have in your rig box.

 Please see the video below for a more detailed look at the Thoroughbred "LSG"