Solid Bag / Method Rigs, Choice Rigs - J Precision
Solid Bag / Method Rigs, Choice Rigs - J Precision

3x J Precision solid bag / method feeder rigs

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"Please note, price is for 3 rigs....."

After testing various components, rig lengths, hook patterns etc etc we have narrowed things down to what we believe to be the perfect rig for solid bag and method feeder fishing

  • Size 6 razor sharp J Precision wide gape hooks
  • Super Heavy Tungsten loaded dark matter braid in 20lb  
  • A high grade tungsten sinker 
  • 4 inch rigs to accommodate any size bag
  • Multiple bait attachment choices, including a 20ml hair option. 

Every has been considered with these rigs, the weight of the tungsten loaded braid will ensure your rig is sat perfectly in side the bag or feeder, the tungsten sinker will compliment this but can be slid just behind the hook rather than having it mid rig. This will allow it to be used to take rig putty to permit the use of pop ups or overly buoyant wafters. 

4 inch rigs that will sit in any size bag finished with the razor sharp J Precision wide gapes ensure the hook pricks quickly. This is very important as your target fish will be feeding tail up and not moving far while it feeds on your bag contents.

In short they work, with testing taking place on some of the most pressured waters in the uk including the linear complex with fantastic results we are confident these rigs will serve you well.

As with any of our rigs, please message us should you require any alterations that the standard options don't accommodate.