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360 Multi Chod Rigs (x3)

360 Multi Chod Rigs (x3)

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*****360 Multi Chod Rigs*****
⭐NEW ADVANCED SZ4 MICRO BARBED OPTION! (25% stronger with a resin sealed eye)⭐

"Please note, price is for 3 rigs, these rigs when tied correctly take time, this is reflected in the price, putty is not included"

With seemingly everyone using Ronnie Rigs it's always nice, if not essential to have a solid alternative for presenting pop up's.
The "Double Albright" knot at the heart of this rig is not easy to tie, but incorporating it gives this type of rig benefits that are simply unquestionable. Which ever angle Mr Carp approaches the rig its spinning with complete freedom to grab hold giving you every chance of hooking that special fish....
✅ More movement than any Ronnie
✅ Change your hook with ease
✅ 20lb korda "Mouth Trap" super stiff, chod/multi section
✅ 20lb soft braided Dark matter hinge section
✅ 25lb korda "Boom" section
✅ Razor sharp J Precision beaked chods 🎯

For single hook bait fishing, or over a decent spread of boillie these will take some beating. This type of rig can also be deadly for singling out the bigger carp in your venue and with the benefit of being able to change the hook quickly they should last a very long time ;)
(Please be aware that the minimum size hook you can comfortably change is a size 4.)

"If you require anti tangle sleeves fitted to these rigs please use the link below"👇

We highly recommend Pop Up's and Wafters from the "Compulsive Angler Range" Brought to you by MAD BAITS for these rigs.