⭐NEW⭐"Thoroughbred" ADVANCED Noodle Multi Rigs x3

⭐NEW⭐"Thoroughbred" ADVANCED Noodle Multi Rigs x3

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***** 3x "Thoroughbred" ADVANCED Noodle Multi Rigs *****

"Please note, price is for 3 rigs and based on the time it takes to make them"

If you require anti tangle sleeves fitted to your rigs please use the following link:


Advanced LG hand sharpened JP hooks.

✅ Excellent anti tangle and reset properties

 Super strong materials / vanadium steel 

 Ideal for wafters / snowmen / balanced baits

 Very fast turning rig / great for pressured fish

 Tried and tested


Strong, reliable and nothing short of awesome when it comes to hooking potential.

These things turn and grab like you wouldn't believe due to the hook pattern, line alignment, materials used, and are the product of 2 years of tinkering and testing.

We're lucky enough to have some very good anglers trying our rigs before we release them, and after several material changes we've settled on the following...

Katran's "Termit" uncoated braid for the braided section in 45lb, and Katran's "Fantom" Fluro for the boom. 

Termit is excellent for this combi rig simply because it holds more memory than most uncoated braids, and can be re-used time and time again.

The LG hook from J Precision is longer than most patterns, and when you fish them noodle style you need a material that will ensure a balanced bait pushes out from the boom, leaving your rig perfectly straight with the soft section not folding back on it's self. 

Couple that with Fantom fluorocarbon and you've got an incredibly strong, anti tangle and hard waring rig that can be used multiple times. All that's required is a fresh hook, and shrink tube.

You can find replacement J Precision hooks on our sister site - www.riglocker.co.uk