Fluro D Combi Rigs (x3)

Fluro D Combi Rigs (x3)

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*****Fluro D Combi Rigs*****

"Please note, price is for 3 rigs, these rigs when tied correctly take time, this is reflected in the price"

Looking for a rig to present a pop up or wafter on other than a Ronnie ?🤔💭
We've got you covered..!

As ever, zero corners cut with these, a true combi rig that will present pop ups beautifully but are equally at home with a wafter 👌

The rigs are constructed with 2 of the finest materials on the market, Korda iq2 Fluorocarbon for the boom section, and Korda Dark matter for the braided section, both in 20lb. This is a tried and tested combination of materials , in short, they are made for each other. They form an incredibly strong "all bright" knot giving the rig strength when you need it but maintain a high level of finesse making them a wise choice for all manor of situations.

Couple the above with the Legendary J Precision Curve shanks and you almost have to feel sorry Mr carp..
✅ Ideal for single hook bait fishing, or over bait
✅ Razor sharp J Precision Curve Shank hooks
✅ Low lying pop up or wafter rig
✅ Super strong Combi knot, ideal for taking putty
✅ Maximum reset properties

"If you require anti tangle sleeves fitted to these rigs please use the link below"👇


We highly recommend Pop Up's and Wafters from the "Compulsive Angler Range" Brought to you by MAD BAITS for these rigs.