"ADVANCED" Slip D Multi Rig
"ADVANCED" Slip D Multi Rig
"ADVANCED" Slip D Multi Rig

"ADVANCED" Slip D Multi Rig

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We originally launched the slip d multi rigs over 5 years ago now, since then the rig has been re named, copied, presented in all sorts of different ways but nothing out there was as effective. Yes it evolved slightly since we first started using them but only with the addition of a tungsten line aligner rather than a standard one. Other than that it stayed the same, accounting for a ridiculous amount of fish from all over the UK and Europe. 

Times change, materials advance and here at Choice Rigs we are lucky enough to work with the best hook, and hook-link producers on the planet, "J Precision" and "Katran" respectively. 

 The new "Advanced" hooks from J Precision boast 2 cutting edge upgrades to the original hooks but still maintain the original and deadly wide gape pattern:

Resin Sealed eye

Vanadium X steel instead of carbon steel:

. Total braid protection meaning the hook can be changed many times with this rig.

. Zero chance of the hook becoming stuck in the net behind the eye 

. 25% stronger steel than it's predecessor 


The new materials used are Katran "Fantom" fluorocarbon and "Enduro" braid:

24lb fluro and 25lb braid (combi rig)

A massive breaking strain compared to the original rig, with a lower diameter.

Bullet proof soft braided section

1 rig can have the hook changed 10 times or more.

In short these are a combi rig to die for, compiled with cutting edge materials that can last you a very long time by changing the hook.

If you require anti tangle sleeves then please click here 👇


For a look at the original video we did looking at this rig ( old components but the same rig ;) ) it's here 👇