3x Korda Kamakura Blow Back Rigs "The Grippa Rig Mk 2"
3x Korda Kamakura Blow Back Rigs "The Grippa Rig Mk 2"

3x Korda Kamakura Blow Back Rigs "The Grippa Rig Mk 2"

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**** "THE GRIPPA RIG MK2" ****

"If you require anti tangle sleeves fitted to these rigs please use the link below"👇


Please note, price is for 3 rigs

Based on the same principles as our best selling blowback rig, the Grippa Mk2 delivers the same heavy weight qualities as the original only with the new Dark Matter coated braid and the razor sharp Kamakura wide gape hooks.

Ideal for bottom baits wafers but also at home with pop ups The Mk2 version has greater anti tangle qualities to the original version due to it's stiffness and also boasts much improved reset properties. This makes it a superior option when casting at range is the order of the day, or if the lake bed has a less choddy bottom.

We have taken the time to apply the shrink tube "line aligner" style, this greatly improves the hooking ability of the rig encouraging the rig to turn very quickly on the take leaving Mr carp a serious problem ejecting the hook. If you do the palm test with these rig's the evidence is clear to see.

Matching colour shrink tube and braid ensure a very slick finish that will blend into the lake bed perfectly. The gravel version is perfect over sandy, muddy and gravel bottoms where the weed green version is ideal over silt, and just about other darker colour bottom you can think of .

Please note, hair lengths are 1 inch long, if you require longer hairs please drop us a message or you can buy extender stops here!👇


Please drop us a message if you require a different hair length.