3x 50lb Fox Cammo Spliced Ronnie Ready Braided Booms

3x 50lb Fox Cammo Spliced Ronnie Ready Braided Booms

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*****50lb Spliced Ronnie Ready Braided Booms*****

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"Please note, price is for 3 booms,"

Booms are approximately 7 inches

These  Ronnie ready booms are a great time saver on the bank and boast several unbeatable qualities. 

The generous 2 inch splice either end of the boom delivers unrivalled strength and helps reset your rigs in the unlikely event of an aborted take.

The material its self is the fox edges spliceable braid. Supple enough to give an incredibly stealthy presentation but not so supple as to encourage tangles. 

Zero knots from top to tail account for a very strong breaking strain of 50lb, you simply won't find a better all round materiel for the job. This stuff is as equally at home on softer lake beds as it is on firmer ground, something a flurocarbon boom cannot compete with.

The inclusion of a high grade tungsten sinker offers 2 valuable options, you can either slide the sinker close to swivel to house putty to balance your bait, or position it mid boom to pin it down as quickly as possible. (Its worth mentioning that the material takes on water and sinks really well anyway)

2 choices of swivel, our "low rider swivels" (left on the picture)  that give you a Ronnie presentation that sits a few ml lower than other swivels, or the spinner (360) swivel that enables you to change your hook quickly, easily and efficiently.

  • Incredibly strong
  • Super stealthy
  • Fishes well over everything
  • Excellent value for money
  • Zero knots