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3x "3C CHOD REPLACEMENTS" with J Precision Hooks

3x "3C CHOD REPLACEMENTS" with J Precision Hooks

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*****3x "3C" CHOD REPLACEMENTS with J Precision Hooks***** 

 "Please note, price is for 3 REPLACEMENT   chod rigs"


The Chod/Hinge stiff rig is one of those rigs is best described as "timeless".

For one reason or another they seem to have a habit of singling out the bigger fish, arguably because they sit slightly higher off the lake bed than other pop up rigs mean the big lazy girls have less work to do to "tip up and trip up".

The "3c" chod has several advantages over conventional chods..

📌 Razor sharp J Precision Chod Hooks
📌 20lb Korda Mouth Trap
📌 Tungsten Chod DropperZero Putty Required
📌 Multiple Hook Bait Attachment Options
📌 Neat and Tidy Crimped finish
📌 Quick change option

In essence a "quick change",  approx 1 inch Chod rig that require's no putty and boasts the ability to have the chod section replaced without taking anything off your leader.
Simply slide off the tungsten dropper bead, slide it onto your replacement chod rig, loop on to the quick change swivel and slide the bead back down to finish.