noodle rig
noodle rig

3x Noodle Rigs with J Precision Hooks and Tungsten Loaded Dark Matter Braid.

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"We are extremely proud to be working closely with J Precision, with out question the sharpest hooks in the industry."

Please note price is for 3 rigs..

Please contact us if you require a specific hair length

"If you require anti tangle sleeves fitted to these rigs please use the link below"👇

***** 3x  J Precision "Noodle Rigs" *****

This dedicated Wafter rig has found it's way into the armoury of some of the best anglers in the country and is widely considered to be an unbeatable choice for converting pick ups into runs. 

Designed to hook fish dead centre in the soft pallet behind the jaw bone of mr carp, when they're in they're in.

Some of the most prestigious fish in the country have fallen victim to this rig, having these in your armoury is definitely not a bad thing.

We favour the J Precision Euro xt hooks ( as in the picture ) due to the slightly heavier gauge, whilst they maintain that all important super sharp finish the extra weight of the hook does help to balance those overly buoyant wafters. The draw back with these hooks are they are only available in barbed, as such we have included the option to select the deadly J Precision wide gapes, a hook that we also have complete confidence in that also suit this rig incredibly well.

  • Super Heavy Dark Matter Coated Braid
  • Razor sharp J Precision Hooks
  • 22ml Hair To accommodate most size wafters
  • Incredible Hooking prperties